Sunday, 12 December 2010

A Dragonfly And Various Visitors

There was this one morning when a dragonfly flew smack onto my windscreen while I was driving.  And then it got wedged on its back on my wiper blade.  Its abdomen was folded in at a ninety degree angle, perpendicular to its torso. 

I pulled to a stop as soon as I could, hoping to free it and let it fly away.  It did not move.  I picked it up and placed it the right way up on its legs.  Still no movement...

I've got myself a dead dragonfly!

In the end, I brought it home and took a picture.

Anyway, I've had various other visitors over the past few weeks as well...

This moth must have been attracted to the light and flew into the back of the wall light.

Next was this bee who also took a fancy to this very same wall light.

And, other visitors include this pair of bulbuls perched on the coconut tree in the garden...