Sunday, 28 July 2013

Again And Again And Again......

How could I not look forward to spotting these snakes each time I am out kayaking in the mangroves?  
These Mangrove Pit Vipers are such beautiful creatures!

Yes, they are venomous.  
Yes, it can be scary if you were to stare at one in the eyes directly in its face!
Yet at the same time, it is not so scary after all.  
Just do not disturb it or provoke it or get too close.

And it really is quite cool to get to take a peek at these Mangrove Pit Vipers in their natural habitat.
Must have seen hundreds of them by now.....

Loving it!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Swarming Dragonflies!


Been sitting on a comfortable chair on my patio and watching several groups of swarming dragonflies the last few days.  Mostly Pantala flavescens, and I'm guessing, possibly a few dragonflies of one or two other species together in the whole swarm.

There must be several scores of them in one of these swarms, zapping to and fro just above the coconut palms.  The closest swarm is about 10 metres away from me.  And I get a good view of these swarms since I'm on the first floor and looks out to just about the top of these coconut palms.  From time to time, a few of these dragonflies would stop to perch on the palm fronds.  But mostly, after a while, the swarm would gradually move further and further away. 

By then, I would have finished my breakfast as well and have to get to work anyway. 

But it's always nice to start the day watching these dragonflies and spend a bit of time pondering about nature and all its mysteries!  These are such amazing insects!  There's so much energy there!  And these dragonflies seem just so free!

As I watch them, I often imagine myself being one of those dragonflies in those swarms there..... 

What a feeling!