Friday, 17 August 2012

A Rodent

A rodent? 
As in a rat or a mouse?
What is so great about a rodent anyway?
Perhaps that is what you would ask.....

In the past, I have seen a rodent or two scrambling away on a mangrove tree, though it is a once in a blue moon affair, and all I would get is a fleeting glimpse of the tiny creature.  So, finally, after all these years of kayaking in the mangroves, a few hours each day, several days a week, most weeks of the year, I have finally gotten a photo of a rodent in the mangroves. 
And I am so totally elated.

I don't think this little quivering rodent expected any humans to come kayaking by in the mangrove forest in the rain and be interested in taking its photos.  Was it too surprised to scramble away or was it trying to stay as still as possible hoping that we would not spot him?  Or was it the rain and the high tide that made it decide to stay still in this safest spot it could find?

Indeed, I have the high tide and the rain to thank for these pics.  And even though there weren't any spotting of mangrove vipers or monitor lizards at all on this rainy day, catching sight of this rodent had made my day!
The mangrove forest will always be a magical place. To me.

When it rains, the limestone hills in the area get all misty, adding to the scenery and magical feel of the whole place.

Although getting drenched is not everyone's cup of tea, kayaking in the rain can be an entirely different experience to be savoured.  Personally, I love the sight of all these raindrops falling onto a sea of water.  Quite mesmerizing.....

And regardless whether it is a hot, sunny day with clear blue skies or a rainy day, the Kilim mangroves will always be one of my favourite places on earth.