Sunday, 27 December 2009

A Not So Dainty Damselfly


Came across this insect on one of my jaunts some months ago.  The above photo gives you an idea how it looked to me when I saw it for the first time.  It was a hot, bright day and there was a lot of reflection off every surface possible.

The next thing I noticed after that was its rather stocky torso and abdomen, so I had initially thought it might be a tiny dragonfly.  And then I realized that the wings were folded at rest, which indicated it is a damselfly instead.



This is the Aristocypha fenestrella of the family Chlorocyphidae.  The female damselfly is shown here and you can see the bulbous tip of its abdomen in the picture above.  For this species, the hindwing length is 25mm for the male and 26.5mm for the female.  According to the Pocket Guide, the males of this species have wings that are broad and strongly irisdescent but I did not find them that day.

Even more reason for me to keep going on my walks.....


Note:  The AsiaDragonfly website has identified this under the name of Rhinocypha fenestrella.



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