Saturday, 4 June 2011

That Gomphidae!

This is the one and only photo that I have of this Gomphidae dragonfly.
And this was the one and only time that I had spotted this guy.

It was far away.
But I took a chance and got this pic.
I did think it might buzz off when I approach.
And it did.

So I had just this one and only photo of this dragonfly.
And I couldn't be certain which species of Gomphidae it is.
This photo was then filed away as "unidentified".
And there in the folder it did sit.

It has been over a year since then.
And recently with the help of Dragonflyman.
At long last!
A name it does have.

The Gomphidia machlachlani.
A robust dragonfly with pale markings on its body.
Hindwing length of the male is 41 mm.
Local in Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo and Southern Thailand.

I have been hoping for another rendezvous with this dragonfly.
When will it be?

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