Sunday, 4 November 2012

C O M P O S T I N G..... continued.....

I'm still keeping an eye on that pot of Japanese Bamboo......

Simply because it fascinates me!

Here's a photo taken in early June when I first noticed the new sprout that had emerged from the soil.
It caught my attention as this new sprout was so much thicker compared to the other existing stems.

 How tall did it grow?
Five months later, this giant new sprout is now almost touching the roof, has finally decided its reached a dizzying enough height and has started sprouting leaves.

 Anyway, that gave me the idea to pick a few leaves from various stems for comparison.
The smallest leaf on the left was plucked from a much older stem that's several years old.  
After I'd started composting, the stems grew thicker and so did the leaves.
The largest leaf on the right is from a stem that's at least a year old now.

There are more new sprouts emerging in the pot.....

It's difficult to understand why people are still not composting their vegetable scraps?
It's nourishing the plants in your garden and helps reduce the amount of trash that goes to the landfill.

Take a look at my neighbour's neglected Japanese Bamboo plants.....

 See the difference?

I hope you will start composting today!


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