Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Grooming Session In The Mangroves

Was kayaking in the mangroves again and came across these Long-tailed Macaques in the midst of a grooming session. 

First stop was the rump.....

Then the arm and shoulder.....

That definitely looks like total bliss!  
As you can see that this macaque is certainly enjoying this jungle spa session!

These are some of the scenes I get to enjoy from time to time while kayaking in the mangroves.  

Mind you, these monkeys are not the 'gangsters' that are used to eating potato chips and soft drinks and would hang out at touristy hotspots to terrorise people and grab anything that's in a plastic bag.  

Once we got closer, they scrambled away into the forest......

It is very refreshing to see these natural behaviours of the macaques in the wild!

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