Saturday, 9 November 2013

On A Bicycle.....

After all these years cycling with my guests through the padi fields and village roads, I have finally taken a few photos of the scenes that I have always enjoyed looking at and always wanted to snap but never did!

As it happened, it was another beautiful morning on this Friday.  And even though it was the weekend, the roads were quiet and there weren't many people up and about as yet so it was really peaceful when cruising through the small country roads through the padi fields and villages.

As most of the padi fields had recently been planted, the contrast between the fresh green fields and blue skies certainly made it all the more scenic!  Green padi fields that stretched out to meet the foothills of Gunung Raya.  With cloud covered peaks and a swirl of clouds in the skies this morning, the whole scenery was exactly like it would be on a painted picture.  It conjures a rather dreamy feeling....

This next photo is of one my guests approaching a pretty looking cow for a better photo of the animal.  Both sizing each other up and both probably a bit wary and nervous at the same time.  Too bad there weren't any buffaloes to be seen this morning.  Buffaloes are another of my favourite subjects for photos.

And, finally, a photo of the rubber tree.  
This young rubber tree had been tapped this morning and the latex was still dripping into the cup.

This is why I enjoy doing what I do...........

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