Sunday, 8 December 2013

A Little Froggy

Recently had 'wildlife' visit me right at my doorstep.  

A little froggy.

I had just reached home after a kayak trip and had walked up the stairs to my front door and walked pass it.  If it wasn't for my keen eyes, I would not have realised there was this spot on the wall that was not supposed to be there.  Anyway, turned back to look and found this little frog there.

Ummmm...... it wasn't exactly very well camouflaged after all.  

But I guess it wouldn't have been any better anywhere else considering the colour of the wall is the best match it could find to try and hide itself.

I'm guessing it is one of the species of tree frogs, perhaps the Common Bush Frog?
Anyway, it is a good-looking little light brown, beige frog.

 The tips of its long fingers are dilated into round disc pads.
And, I suppose it had decided to remain as still as possible hoping that maybe I still hadn't seen it after all or if I thought it is dead I'd leave it alone?  

 So I took the chance to get lots of photos of this tree frog, from as many different angles as I possible could to make sure I have all the features I could need for identification.

   Totally loved looking at this frog's soulful eyes!


 Here's a view of its flattened body against the wall.


And I'm estimating it measured about 65-70mm in length.

So I had a 'field trip' right outside my doorstep.  

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