Monday, 30 December 2013

White Cobra

Totally love days like this when I get a 'NatGeo' moment and was lucky enough to witness such a beautiful, magnificent creature right in front of my eyes.  This might even be, for me, a once in a lifetime sighting of an albino or white Cobra in the wild!  After all, I do not go looking for them intentionally, as in venturing out on herping trips.  

It truly is such a beautiful creature and, indeed, a rare sight to behold!

I must have stood there for over ten minutes, just watching it.  The Cobra stuck its head into a hole in the ground, slithered a short distance in, then backed out from the hole, went to another nook under a rock and seemed to be on the prowl, looking for something.  Although I did not manage to get the best photo with the compact camera that I had with me at the time, I've got the image of this albino Cobra imprinted in my mind's eye to be replayed over and over and over again at any time.  How much better can it get?
I was thinking at the time that this albino Cobra might be foraging for food but since it is supposed to be a nocturnal creature, had it somehow been disturbed from its den and was looking for another safe place to hide away?  Whether it was looking for food or looking for a den, I will never know.

Anyway, I had googled the symbolism of a White Cobra and there were many different takes on it.  Most websites discuss seeing sacred white animals in dreams. However, I had particularly liked the one that I'd read on eHow and here's an extract:

"The most common view of the white snake is a positive one. In the Japanese culture, if someone encounters a white snake in their life, they are considered to be lucky and will continue to have luck." 

I hope so.

And I shall keep my fingers crossed.

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