Monday, 18 January 2010

More Species!

I had a field day exploring in the outdoors!  Again!

It was really great to just take my time walking along trails through the woods, scouring the forest floor, canopy, streams... looking at everything I can lay my eyes upon in nature!  More particularly for dragonflies and damselflies but also for birds, butterflies, flowers, insects, toads, lizards... you name it!

And I did find a few species of dragonflies and damselflies that I have not come across before so it has been a fruitful day!

There is this species of damselfly of the family Calopterygidae that I have not managed to identify as yet.  To make matters worse, I did not manage to get good shots of this damselfly.



These photos are the best that I have and I had managed only a few shots before this damselfly flittered away into the shrubs out of reach and out of sight!




Anyway, I have updated the Checklist and there are now 30 odonate species recorded for Langkawi, hopefully I did get them all correct, plus another two unidentified including the damselfly above.  Can anyone help identify this damselfly species?


Updated 20 Jan 2010:

ID confirmed by Ian to be the Echo modesta of the family Calopterygidae.  According to the Pocket Guide, this species is the largest of the broad-winged Zygoptera, the males having hindwing length of 34-38mm.  Wow! 

Also, this one that I found is a young adult so it is lacking in certain identification features such as the white patch on the head for the male and dark wing tips for the female.


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