Saturday, 30 January 2010

White Legs

I decided to do a bit of exploring early this morning before getting to work and did not come back disappointed.

Spotted the Copera ciliata of the family Platycnemididae today. 

Initially, what I noticed was a small blurry whitish blob that was moving around rather stealthily, almost like a ghostly shadow, and I could vaguely see the tail or abdomen to realise it was a damselfly but I couldn't figure out what it was.  So I followed it.  When it finally perched and I zoomed in and saw it close-up for the first time, it was a nice surprise to see another species of damselfly that is new to me. 

This damselfly is dainty, it is beautiful and it looks rather unique because of the white legs.



The Pocket Guide describes this species as having clear white bands on the thorax but I thought what I saw was more of a blueish tint on this damselfly.



This species is widespread in tropical Asia.



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