Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Another Rhyothemis Dragonfly

Recently went exploring in the forests with a few friends and had a great time!  Thank you for inviting me for the ramblings and scramblings.

Anyway, the morning started out without a single dragonfly in sight at the stream though along the way, there were lots of ants and even a tree frog!  Later in the day, when we reached the forest fringe, there was a pond with stagnant water and one red dragonfly buzzing around.  It was the Orthetrum testaceum, a common species, yet it was nice to see even just one dragonfly.

While walking back, I glimpsed a dark spot buzzing around and stopped to look.  As I had hoped, it had two pairs of dark-coloured wings.  I felt like I had just hit the jackpot!



It is the Rhyothemis obsolescens of the family Libellulidae.  This species is supposed to be common in open, well-vegetated areas and widespread in Sundaland; except Java. 

This dragonfly can be recognised by the variegated light and dark markings on its bronze wings.  The males have hindwing length of 21.5-23 mm and both the males and females of this species are similarly marked. 

A handful of these dragonflies were sighted.



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