Saturday, 29 May 2010

A Blue Spreadwing Damselfly!

I sat on the grassy edge of the pond to watch the dragonflies buzzing around and I watched the territorial displays of several male dragonflies as they chase away other rival males that had crossed the invisible boundaries that I could not see.

It was mostly just the common species of dragonflies that I see everywhere all the time.  Still... it calms my mind and soothes my spirit to just sit there and watch all their antics.  The spirit of the dragonfly gives me a sense of harmony and strength.

So...  it was a while before I noticed a shadow and spotted a damselfly perched vertically on a plant stem under the shade of a large leaf.



A spreadwing damselfly!

Once I got close enough for a good look, I realised I had chanced upon another species to add to the checklist!  What a nice surprise!



This damselfy is the Lestes praemorsus of the family Lestidae.  The male has hindwing length of 21mm.  Both the eyes and thorax is of a powder blue colour with some dark markings on its body and the bent tip of its abdomen gives it a hockey-stick appearance.  No, it is not a deformity as I had initially thought.

It perched there undeterred as I inched closer. 

Soon after that, it started flexing its abdomen like a gymnast performing on the high bar. 



It's graceful movements were quite mesmerizing!

I've got a big grin on my face!



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