Saturday, 8 May 2010


I simply love the early hours of the morning. 

And I just do not tire looking at the dawn skies. 

The way the colours swirl and mix around on the palette of the sky is always different each dawn and always will be.



And just before the sun peeks out from the horizon, the colours become even more intense, giving you a glimpse of what to expect for the day to come.



In the cool of the early morning, these fishermen go out to sea to start on the day's catch.



And then, the sunrise!



The beginning of another hot day... the sun rose higher in sky!



Life on the island begins to wake up.....


A bee has started collecting nectar.


While the Acisoma panorpoides is finding it difficult to get started.


A male Crocothemis servilia basking in the morning sun.


And another Crocothemis servilia getting warmed up to start the day.


Although still rather early, this pair of Ischnura senegalensis is already in wheel.


And life goes on.....





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