Monday, 31 May 2010

Rude Kids!


A bunch of rude kids!  Simply rude!  And inexcusably so!

I was at the Book Village, several metres away from the walkpath, out of the way of everything and quietly taking photos of dragonflies and other insects.  These kids were making their way out of the park when they saw me and decided to walk away from the walkpath to go out of their way to trample across the garden right in front of me, stared at me brazenly to show there's no fear, then walk away nonchalantly, laughing gleefully, happy with themselves and their deeds!

Child's play?  I certainly do not think you can call it that. 

Makes you wonder if their parents ever taught them any manners?

No wonder signboards like these are put up at parks, though it's not exactly directed at those kids, but I guess some people will do whatever they want to regardless... 



Doesn't it make you wonder?



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