Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Talking About The Blues!


There was this one afternoon when there were quite a few mating pairs of Pseudagrion australasiae at the pond and I had a great day taking lots of photos of these damselflies in tandem, in wheel and ovipositing.

The Pseudagrion australasiae of the family Coenagrionidae is very similar to the P. microcephalum in a lot of ways but it is slightly larger.  The P. australasiae has hindwing length of 20 mm and can be distinguished by the marking on S10 and by its appendages.  This species is widely distributed in the Indo-Australian region.

It was quite cool just to watch all of them and learn a bit more about the behaviours of these damselflies.


A pair of Pseudagrion australasiae in tandem before going into wheel position.


A pair in wheel.


Two pairs of P. australasiae, one in wheel and the other in tandem.


Two pairs in tandem with the male in contact guarding while the female oviposits into the grassy pond.


And I will write about some of the observed behaviours another day.



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