Wednesday, 7 December 2011

In The Mangroves..........

It is already December.....  time really flies!

The last time I went out looking for dragonflies back in October had been rather disappointing.  Since then, I have been tied up with work and various other commitments such that dragonfly "hunting" trips have been pushed to the back seat.

It's been a few months.  And yet, there in the back seat it still sits!

Now that we are in the midst of the school holidays, I have put off going to any of these parks and ponds as I do realise that the last thing I will find during this busy period is peace of mind.  So why put myself up for more disappointments?

Fortunately for me, I can get close to nature at my work place and that has certainly kept me sane.  This is where I go on my kayak trips in the mangroves, several times a week, each week!

Yes, lucky me!

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