Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Did Curiosity Get The Better Of The Cat?

The Siamese Cat had been missing for almost two weeks. 

There had been no sign of him at all for breakfast and dinner.  During this time, only the Tabby Cat had been showing up for breakfast or dinner and only sometimes for both meals.  The Tabby Cat is always very fidgety when the Siamese Cat is not around. 

Is he missing his buddy too?

I thought the best for the Siamese Cat... perhaps he had found a home.  That he is getting more than enough food and attention each time he mews, such that there is no reason for him to want to go anywhere else.  At the very least, I am sure he is being fed by some of the other neighbours too?

But I had a surprise yesterday evening when I looked out the window to check on the water bowl.

The Siamese Cat had shown up at my doorstep. 
He was not on the shoe cabinet where I could easily see him but instead he sat patiently outside my door and waited.

When I opened the door to say hello, he greeted me with mews as well but had some difficulty getting up.  I could see that he is the worse for wear.  He was definitely not in the best shape, he was dirty, had a few scrapes, looked a bit scrawny and was definitely hungry.
And he tried but could not leap up onto the shoe cabinet.

Had he been out at war?

This above photo was taken yesterday while the other two photos in this blog had been taken some weeks ago.  You can see the difference in the Siamese Cat's state of well being.

Although it was not the usual dinner time yet, I put out a plate of food, which he ate hungrily, and then he slept the rest of the evening on the floor mat... till this morning.

I still do not consider them my pets though I feed them everyday. 

But I have to admit I have grown accustomed to the sight of them sleeping on my shoe cabinet...

And I am glad he knows to come here for food and shelter when he needs it. 
Home sweet home?

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