Saturday, 30 April 2011

Love Them Bugs!

Bugs are mostly ecologically beneficial - to us, to the environment, to the earth.
Some bugs are pollinators and some are scavengers.
While some insectivorous bugs are biological pest control agents. 
Bugs are also composting agents in recycling biological matters.
And in the process, returning nutrients back to the earth.

Bugs being bugs, most of us are afraid of some or all them for one reason or another.
And sometimes for no reason at all.
Our natural reaction is to swat it, to kill it.
Sometimes without even knowing exactly what bug it is.
But simply because it is a bug.

Scary, ugly, creepy creatures.
They crawl, they walk, they fly.
They bite, they sting... they are pests!
Are they really all that bad?
Is it them or is it us?

Bugs have been more valuable to earth than humans can ever be!
While we are hurting earth, bugs have been nurturing it.
Without bugs, where would we be?
Love them or hate them?
Beastly or bizarre, they are still amazing, beautiful bugs!

These are some bug shots taken in recent weeks.

Is this a plant hopper?  A bizarre-looking bug on my wall...

This grasshopper is quite well-camouflaged as it rests among some plant leaves.

Squash bugs taking shelter and staying cool under a leaf.

A plant bug clinging to a stem could have been easily camouflaged as a grass blade.
An assassin bug on a vine and on the prowl.

One of the many species of bees on a bud of the crepe myrtle.

A carpenter bee checking out a stand of dead wood.

A brightly coloured, amazing looking green leaf bug.

Love them!


  1. Bugs are buggers in their own unique way... and I wish I could learn more of them... However, I will vote the mozzies and ticks out!

  2. hahaha Those ticks love you, don't they?

    Most bugs are good bugs and all bugs need to eat too, like we do. We are all sharing this planet and bugs outnumber us. It's a bug world out there... and if you really think about it, the bugs will have the last feast!

    This is one of the ways nature will prevail...