Saturday, 20 March 2010

Another Prodasineura Damselfly


This charming little damselfly is the Prodasineura humeralis of the family Protoneuridae.  It has hindwing length of 18mm and is a slender and dark damselfly with yellow-orange markings on its thorax. 

Apart from the colour, its size and markings are very similar to the P. laidlawii, which is a striking blue, and was featured in this blog some months ago.  Check it out here.

The Pocket Guide lists five different species of the Prodasineura damselflies to be found in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore.  I wonder how many of these five could be found in Langkawi?

Questions, questions and more questions...  All these questions that I ask myself of these dragonflies and damselflies and the only way to find the answers is to keep exploring and looking.  Didn't I already say that this project will see me through retirement?  Funny, eh?

Anyway, during the current hot and dry season, there are less dragonflies and damselflies to be seen.  The water level in ponds and streams have gone down in most places.  The blistering heat is also making it quite uncomfortable to stay out in the sun and observe these creatures for too long.

I am certainly looking forward to some rain soon.  And I can imagine all these insects and other creatures will be out rejoicing when the heat dissipates and everything turns green again!



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