Thursday, 25 March 2010

Really Large Mandibles!

I have been on the lookout for this damselfly and finally spotted it this afternoon.  Today must be my lucky day?



The Platylestes heterostylus of the family Lestidae is not a very common damselfy.  I spotted it for the first time on 23rd March 2009 and have been hoping to find it again.  That's right...  I have seen it on only one day out of all the days I have been out exploring in the 365 days this past year.  And like the last encounter, I could find only one individual. 

Anyway, the abdomen of this damselfly has a "hockey-stick" appearance making it look like a deformity and I also had the chance to look at its face for the first time today.  It has really large mandibles!



Click on "platylestes" in the Tags below to read more on this damselfly in an earlier entry.


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