Saturday, 17 April 2010


"You're wolfing down your food."

A friend pointed out to me one afternoon when I was having a late lunch.  Most people would find this hard to believe as they know me to be a slow eater and I am always chewing my food.  But I was so hungry that day, I was really shoving "fried mee hoon" into my mouth.  And I was practically just swallowing them.  I didn't care if I was eating like a hog. 

Or perhaps it might be apt to say I was eating like a dragonfly?

Here's a look at feeding time for these dragonflies and damselflies and a few other insects...


The Orthetrum sabina wolfing down its meal of another dragonfly, of the Crocothemis spp.




The Brachythemis contaminata, a male, had caught a damselfly and the first thing it did was chomp off its head.











A female Brachythemis contaminata feeding on a damselfly of the Pseudagrion spp.
















The Ischnura senegalensis subduing another dragonfly, the Agriocnemis femina, to secure it for its meal.










A damselfly, the Pseudagrion microcephalum, feeding on a spider it had caught.










And here's a spider feeding on a damselfly of the Ischnura spp.









Another damselfly, the Pseudagrion microcephalum, that had fallen prey to a spider.









A robber fly feeding on a blow fly



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