Wednesday, 7 April 2010

What A Week!

The week was hectic, fun, tedious, refreshing, exhausting, nice, great...  just great!

I was one among some 200-odd people who converged at a small sleepy village that lies in a valley, surrounded by mountainous ranges on the third largest island in the world, for an adventure that would get your adrenaline pumping and your heart rates racing, though I was not among the 100-odd people who were competing out there.  Hectic as the week may be, there were moments when I could just be a tourist off the beaten track, taking the time to smell the flowers, enjoy the scenery, look at a few dragonflies and, of course, take a few photos like tourists do.....



The mountain range in the early morning hours and the river that runs alongside the lodgings.









The village boys who came out to watch us...







A red dragonfly perched on the barbed wire fence in the fields, the Orthetrum testaceum.








Another dragonfly, the Neurothemis terminata.









Orthetrum testaceum, a pair in wheel.








The bamboo forest...










A villager and his dog walking up the steep tracks to his village that's miles away.  A lot of the villagers have to walk several hours just to get somewhere.  And the kids walk several hours in the morning over mountainous terrain to get to school each day.







Possibly a Neurothemis disparilis or a female of the Camacinia gigantea.








Stormy skies.







Athyma nefte, the Colour Sergeant.







Neptis hylas, the Common Sailor.







Bright yellow flowers growing wild next to the tracks.










A close-up of the pretty bell-shaped yellow flowers.








One of the villages in the valley.







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