Wednesday, 30 June 2010

At The Beach

It looked like a nice morning for a walk on the beach... so that was where I went.  After all, Cenang Beach is barely 5 minutes away from home.

And as I had thought, it was perfect!  At this early hour, apart from a few joggers, I had almost the whole beach all to myself. 




The view looking out to sea was great too!



The sea was quite flat and calm.  With a mild breeze blowing, the marker line and flag put out by the various watersports centres bobbed and swayed lightly on the water...



...while the outgoing tide had left streaks of its whispers on the beach.



As the run rose higher, its rays were reflected off the Mat Chinchang range in the background towards the north, giving an almost idyllic feel to the whole place.



The low tide was perfect for observing shore creatures and the shore came to live when the crabs and snails came out to feed.

If you stay still enough and long enough, you will see these sand crabs venturing out from their burrows.



Meantime, these tiny Sand Bubbler Crabs (Scopira sp.) feed on detritus from the sand and in the process form tiny sand balls that they leave in trails around their burrows.



The snails also make their own patterned trails as they glide along on the shore's glassy surface.



Several dead jellyfishes had also been washed up onto the beach.  Here's one of them.



Apart from all that, I had an unexpected visit from both a dragonfly and a damselfly.  Here's the Ischnura senegalensis perched on a seashell.



And this Brachythemis contaminata that kept flying around me in circles and then stopping occasionally to perch and bask in the sun.



But, within the hour, the skies had become overcast, engulfing the peaks of Mat Chinchang as the rain moved in...




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