Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Which Blue Dragonfly?

This is another blue or bluish dragonfly that had me confused for a bit.  I had initially thought that it was the Brachydiplax chalybea because I had seen one in this area just a few minutes earlier.

However, this particular dragonfly was much smaller in size, so it prompted me to take a few photos to check it out further.



As it turned out, this is actually the Aethriamanta gracilis of the family Libellulidae.  Other than its small size, with hindwing length of 22mm, the other feature that differentiates it is the more open venation on its wings.  This species can be found in weedy ponds, it is local and generally uncommon though it is widespread in Sundaland.

I had managed to get only two photos before it darted off and I have not seen it again since.




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