Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Brachydiplax Brothers!


Spotted this small dragonfly a while ago.  It was perched on a grass blade at the edge of the pond and it sat there so still it could have blended in rather well with its surroundings but for that bit of light blue-whitish marking on its abdomen that caught my attention.



This dragonfly is the Brachydiplax farinosa of the family Libellulidae.  The male has hindwing length of 23-25mm and its looks are rather similar to the Brachydiplax chalybea except that the base of its hindwings are clear.  Also, the combination of blue and black on its abdomen is about half-and-half whereas there is a bit more blue on the abdomen of the B. chalybea.

Here's a look at both these species for comparison:











On the left is the Brachydiplax chalybea while the Brachydiplax farinosa is on the right.

Almost twins!



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